Technology-Driven Climate Adaptation

At Climate Software Lab, we leverage the power of Information and Communication Technology to tackle the risks posed by climate change

Our Mission

Reversing Climate Change, while building Climate Resilience


Climate change, a pressing issue today, needs no introduction. On the other hand, as Machine Learning enthusiasts, we wanted to build something that could contribute to positive climate transformation. And that’s when Climate Software Labs was born.


Using powerful concepts like Machine Learning, Geo-Spatial Systems and Data Intelligence Tools, the one-pointed focus of the labs is to develop a suite of tech-enabled climate solutions, envisioned and engineered by a decorated team of sectoral experts.

A collaborative approach
to solution building

A dynamic concept that it is, Climate Change, we realised can best be solved using solutions that are designed by involving inter-disciplinary participation. Thus, the Climate Software Labs aims to develop well-rounded solutions by partnering with sectoral experts who are the best in their league.

Our Initiatives

Landslide Early Warning System for India

Building on the global Landslide Hazard Assessment for Situational Awareness model developed by NASA. Climate Software Labs is working on localised landslide risk prediction for India. As the first step, CSL has created susceptibility maps for Western Ghats and North-Eastern regions of India,

Western Ghats Landslide Susceptibility Map
North East Landslide Susceptibility Map

Narrow Casting of Landslides.

Building on the susceptibility map, we are now building a comprehensive risk prediction model altogether, with in built capability to forecast landslides on a real-time basis. Through a host of integrations and back-end developments this soon-to-be-released dynamic model can be used by individuals, planners, governments and organizations alike, to develop localised disaster mitigation strategies.

About Climate Software Labs

Climate Software Labs is an initiative of GPS Renewables, with the sole objective of developing ICT based solutions for tackling climate change. Using technologies such as Machine Learning, Geographics Information Systems, Data Visualisation etc lab develops various climate solutions. Currently the lab is working in the area of disaster management and ESG data management.